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Backbone-Preview | Code

  • 245px wide sidebar image 
  • 4 custom links
  • 500px wide posts

Please leave all credit intact and do not steal this theme and please don’t use/redistribute as base code. If you use please like or reblog this post whichever one, to let me know. Your feedback is appreciated! Any questions just go to my ask. :’)

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wolfcoloring action05 ⇝ download

  • do not redistribute or claim as your own.
  • please like/reblog if you download/use it.
  • likes will always be the reason i create more resources ◕‿◕✿
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Monster - lp / code / other themes

  • 70x70 sidebar image
  • 3 custom links
  • Short and long title

Like or reblog if you’re using. Please don’t remove the credit, use as base or steal any parts of my coding. If you have any questions feel free to message me. Hope you enjoy! :)

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PSD 431mf

  • please like or reblog if downloading
  • don’t redistribute or claim as your own

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471.psd by sistaroundpsds so cool psds for you. Contains black and white option. Our psds are totally free so please respect our work, we do it all for you and all we ask is a reblog/like. Don’t reposte this post, plagiarises is a crime, your reblog/like inspires us to do more → download
↳ any questions/compliments/doubts? ask me 

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  • Five actions of effect & one action of sharpen!
  • Don’t redistribute or claim as your own.
  • Like or reblog if you download!
  • Download cl
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Theme #2.01, Lose Your Mind, by harrystyhells.

live preview | code | themeblog


  • side title on left side of theme
  • hover links when hover over sidebar
  • information on right side of posts
  • bold and italic colors included
  • 400px posts
  • 100px x 100px sidebar image
  • 5 links in total, 3 custom links
  • custom scroll bar

please like or reblog if you’re using this theme, it means a lot!

if you have any questions about the theme, please message me off anon and i will help you as much as possible.

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→ PSD 26->38 LOTR pack requested by anon

  • Please do not repost :)
  • Warning: Do use the psds  for scenes with similar coloring/light/darkness otherwise it will look awful
  • works with CS6/CS5/CS4/and anything photoshop
  • download it DL the pack here/zip
  • feel free to pm me if you have questions about the psd
  • Hope you enjoy :)

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PSD#316 - A  requested psd made for Remember Me. Curves/levels and colour balance may need to be adjusted according to scene. Please like or reblog if you download. Do not steal or claim as your own. *contains vibrance.

download: MF

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by llermans.

About me page - Live preview  | Code

Please Leave all credit intact and do not move it to a secondary page.
Also do NOT steal this theme and please don’t use/redistribute as base code. If you use please like or reblog this post, so let me know.Your feedback is appreciated! Tell me if you like the theme. Any questions, any doubt just go to my askbox. :’)

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